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Yesterday was a challenging day and it seemed like I was stuck in a funk. It was hard to find the positivity in my day I couldn't figure out why I couldn't turn the corner. Then I reread a thank you letter I recently received in the mail from a client and remembered just how grateful I am for moments like this. Beginning each day with gratitude can really change the energy of your entire day! Many thanks to this wonderful client and her thoughtful gesture with this letter and all of her kind words. I am grateful that I have the opportunity to work with such amazing people every day doing what I love to do! Here are a few words from her letter.... "I pray your new career becomes so big, you have to hire many others - but only if they are just like you. You have such a knack for this work. I could never have accomplished all I did in such a short time without your guidance, advice and keeping me focused. The phrase "Thank you" is just not enough." Me = grateful!

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